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Crsorgi 2018: The civil registration is the system which used to the government made a record like a birth of date, marriages, and deaths. This database and repository or have a different name in an individual country called as a civil registry.


  1. Civil register (but this is also an official term for an individual file of an event).
  2. Important record and other terms, and responsible office for receiving registration. Registry of primary record and statistics.
  3. Register, registry, register office etc. or population registry.
  4. The crsorg government scheme that is recorded on the register like the death of particular people with reason lives birth, foetal death, change of name, marriage, annulment of marriage, divorce, adoption, and recognition.
  5. The family register is the type of civil register and it maintains event within the family unit.

For the current residence of people, that’s data is written in the resident register.

CRSORGI 2018 Apply For A Birth or Death Certificate @ Birth Certificate

The main purpose of civil registration is to create government documents and that can be used to established and protect rights of general people. In many other countries, there are required to notify life events, such as birth date, marriage date and death Certificate of people for government authority.

How to apply for Birth and Death Certificate Online

We are writing some steps that are used to candidates can easily apply for birth or death certificate up via online crsorgi gov in.

Step 1:  Aspirants have to go official website

Step 2: on that page, you can enter required details like your name, user email id, Mobile number, date of occurrence event, your state, district, registration unit, village town etc.

Step 3:  after entering your complete details. We request to all of you please check your entire details again.

Step 4:  in the case, any changes made by you then click on the Cancel Button otherwise click on the registration button.

Step 5: congratulation your registration has successfully completed.

Benefits of Death and Birth Certificate

  • This certificate is required at a time of taking admission in school or college or university.
  • It is also used to prove your age for marriage and employment.
  • If you want to a voter id or other Aadhar card you will be asked to show this card.
  • It is required for the national population of registration.
  • Using this CRSORG certificate you can apply for the pension scheme.

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