DDOREQ Telangana

The Drawing and Disbursing Office DDOs present the AP Treasury and the Telangana Treasury through their Bill Online. DDOREQ Telangana has been released by the AP Treasury and the Telangana Treasury, making it easy for both of them. This will soon be known by the name of the DDOREQ Telangana.

DDOREQ Telangana

This gives every officer of every section of AP the benefit of preparing his salary bill. Now all the employees have been using this DDOREQ Telangana website. From there it receives all the new information and facilities. Just like any officer can change their account password. Now we are going to see how Andhra Pradesh and TS will prepare their salary slips. The Government of Andhra Pradesh took two departments to help the project, such as the Treasury and Account. With the help of which this https://treasury.ap.gov.in website was ready.

The Andhra Pradesh government started the Andhra Pradesh technology and Service Limited. Wherever the Government took the help of Andhra Pradesh Treasury, account and electronically staffed employees. As a result, these 2 portals have been made https://treasury.ap.gov.in and https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/.

Details of DDOREQ Telangana

The government of Telangana treasury has started a new scheme to promote financial transactions. With the use of this website, all the Telangana government employees can easily track their transactions with their government. Employees will need drawing and a DDO to get the benefits of this facility. The official website for getting an update and submitting the details of financial transactions is https://treasury.telangana.gov.in. This website has been created with a lot of security through which the privacy of every employee can be easily maintained. And for this, the employees of Telangana have been using this website very much.

How to Login Telangana DDOREQ (Request) by DDO

Employees can check their account by entering their password and DDO code. The DDO code is basically 11 numbers if the Office Department displays the symbols of the office of the organization.

  • First four digits of DDO code refers to Mandal
  • Next four digits of DDO code represents Department Code,
  • Last three digits of DDO code refers to DDO office in mandal.

How to preparation DDOREQ Telangana Treasury Employee salary Bills Using treasury.telangana.gov.in

TG DDOREQ Telangana employees are advised to follow below steps of preparing salary bills of their employees…

  • After the login was successfully completed, Tap on the ‘Pay Bills’ link available on the left side menu.
  • Now enter the month and years for salary.
  • Tap on the desired candidate’s option available in the increment box.
  • Click on next button for completing salary bill preparation.


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How to prepare DDOREQ AP Treasury Employee Salary Slip using Andhra Pradesh DDO Request on treasury.ap.gov.in?

Need to report DDOREQ or Drawing and Dubbing Officers Code to get their monthly salary in the house of the employees of the dark zone in their account. The code is already given to the employees. All the salaried employees of this state can get their pay directly from this website in their account using DDOREQ Telangana. Employees are called DDO codes to login to this website. It is an eleven digit code and the code is for the identification purpose. All these processes are used to tell your privacy. This AP Treasury Website helps in many other ways with pay slips, such as the Supplementary Bill’s Love Action Bill and much more. Preparing the salary bills of employees is quite easy by following the below steps.

  • Visit the official website https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/
  • Go on home page and see the DDO Claims Login Box.
  • Enter your 11 Digit password and code in proper text box.
  • In whose favor choose the preparation of salary.
  • Enter the month and years of the bill and click on the next button.
  • Select the ID of the bill form drops down menu then click on the next button.
  • Now you can see if you are eligible for a salary increase.

  • Select the checkboxes under the check column for increment and press next to continue.
  • You can find a list of employees in the bill. Select the checkbox that you want to exclude from the monthly wage. You can find the option to claim a bill for the number of days you want.
  • You can also insert employee slays. Manually by clicking the ‘Inclusion’ option. After entering and leaving the employees, click submits.
  • Employee’s appointment will be displayed according to the power of the cadre.
  • Check all the information along with your salary, and then select ‘DDO Bill submission‘ submenu under ‘PayBills’ module and click submit. The final bill submissions page will appear.
  • Now select the Head of an account from Drops down menu. Now the screen will display employee list, their earnings, net amount and deductions. Then click on the submit button.
  • Now write your TBR number in safe place and Employees who are required to join the beneficiary account.
  • All employees will see the correct pay with a pay slip on the screen. Click on the submit button.
  • If you want to get a TBR beneficiary report, click on the ‘TBR Beneficiary Report’ submenu of the ‘Pay Bill’ module. Enter the TBR number
  • Details of all the beneficiary reports will be displayed.
  • Now click on the print button to make a print of report.
  • If you can get print of salary bill then select the details of salary.

So, friends, we try to describe all the steps and details about DDOREQ Telangana and DDOREQ AP. If any problem and doubt regarding this article then must write below comment section. Our team member always with your friends. So, don’t take tension about it.


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